Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things

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May 15, 2019  

Hope I Die Before I Get Old

Queen has made NO money off Bohemian Rhapsody, Roger Daltrey is a buzzkill and KISS is giving refunds.

May 14, 2019  

Rest In Peace, Dorf

We've lost Peggy Lipton, Doris Day and Tim Conway. We're going to put a woman on the moon. Stormtroopers will kick you out of Disney World.

May 9, 2019  

And Now To Honor America…

We begin the show with possibly the WORST version of the anthem in our nation's history and discuss shoe size, Delaware strippers and mascot abuse.

May 7, 2019  

Lamb Reserves

A new bride has an issue with her new in-laws before her wedding dinner ends. We've got one of the all-time most Florida Florida stories for you.  

May 2, 2019  

How Deep Is Your Flood

There's cocaine in the shrimp! Ricky Schroder is an alleged serial assaulter. Vancouver has some gross new mascots.

May 1, 2019  

Roller Coaster Dummies

Should the roller coaster ride abruptly end on the roof of a business across the street? 

April 29, 2019  

The Measles Bunch

There isn't going to be another Woodstock this year. Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick isn't happy with anti vaxxers. Hamburglers are a real online menace.

April 27, 2019  

Garlic: Endgame

Florida Man fails to rewrite DUI laws. A grown man has a strict list of do and don'ts for the new Marvel movie.

April 26, 2019  

Wedding Shaming

Nicholas Cage is heartbroken after his latest marriage lasted four days. Heavy Metal Knitting is big in Finland. KFC and Cinnabon announce an unholy union.

April 23, 2019  

Bleach Boys

James Holzhauer might break Jeopardy. A church wants you to give them $450 to drink bleach.