Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things

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January 21, 2020  

Long Lost Tortoise

Inspiration strikes in the oddest places. Restaurants might start charging a fee for use of their chairs. Cats have developed a taste for human flesh. 

January 20, 2020  

Dance The Night Away

David Lee Roth kicked off a tour last week. The Portland Bike Theft Task Force has an ironic case to solve. Get ready for Valentine's Trees.

January 14, 2020  

Hard Times, Daddy

Dave got fired from iHeart Radio. Cheetos wants to add a word to the language. Billie Eilish is singing the new Bond theme. 

January 13, 2020  

Sit Down, Bat Boy!

Burt Ward says ABC forced him to take pills to reduce his bulge. A teenager discovered a planet during his NASA internship. Burger King has upset insane mothers.

January 10, 2020  

Makeup For Sex Workers

On this episode we "Escape From Wisconsin" and learn about Heaux Cosmetics and a brand new way to lose the lottery.

January 8, 2020  

Breakin’ 2024

Breakdancing will be an Olympic sport in Paris for 2024. Charmin announces a robot that will bring you toilet paper. Popcorn sends a man to the hospital for open heart surgery.

January 2, 2020  

50 Pizzas In 30 Days

It's our first podcast of 2020 and we're still writing 2019 on all of our checks! Papa John's got a spiteful New Year's resolution.

December 30, 2019  

Camp Glitchy Gloomy

No one believes Sharon Stone wants to date them. A Texas kid asked Santa for a magnifying glass and burnt his front lawn. The Southland Twins travel to Japan.

December 26, 2019  

Boxing Day Spooktacular

Want to avoid a hangover? Eat meat. Once again this Christmas, Darren didn't get the socks he asked for. 

December 24, 2019  

Florida Water Cologne

Dave gives his spoiler free review of "The Rise of Skywalker". A Chinese man tries to "scratch an itch". Kids have learned nothing from "A Christmas Story".