Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things

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August 16, 2019  

Pumpkin Spice Knows Best

This Chrisley Knows Best scandal took another weird turn. Almost half of us are wearing dirty underwear right now. Get ready for Pumpkin Spice Spam.

August 13, 2019  

Urban Churn

It turns out that cocaine really WAS bird poop! Who wants some mayonnaise ice cream?

August 8, 2019  

Water Bears Home Alone On The Moon

Microscopic Water Bears have crash landed on the Moon. Dave finally watched "Gremlins", Disney is rebooting "Home Alone". 

August 6, 2019  


Germans can't sleep because hedgehogs are getting it on all night long. Tickle therapy could extend your life.

August 1, 2019  

Kid Icarus

A forgotten about video game could be worth $10,000. Impossible Whoppers are on the way. A 92-year-old woman dominates the 400-meter sprint.

July 31, 2019  

Perpetual Stew

There's a good chance your delivery driver has helped himself to your order. Memes might soon be illegal.

July 26, 2019  

Cooler Full of Wieners

Somehow we managed to have our Spooktacular this year at the end of July.

July 25, 2019  

She’s Still A Champion From The Block

This episode is a salute to Jennifer Lopez on her 50th birthday. We're pulling out all the stops and Purple Jesus is paying for it. 

July 23, 2019  

Beating The Jesus High Score

An amateur horse dentist is in trouble. A pastor tries to beat a fasting record previously (and still) held by Jesus. Bella Thorne is pansexual.

July 16, 2019  

The Exsanguination Situation

One of Dave's favorite YouTubers reviews Darren's latest discovery. You can add cloned ticks to the list of things to be terrified of.