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2 days ago

Dave and Darren interview a pair of robots designed to do household chores. Peloton bikes claim another imaginary victim. 

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

A reporter was hit by a car on live TV and managed to finish her update. The Report of the Week finally took Arby's Diablo Dare.

Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

Both of OJ. Simpson's former NFL teams are still active in the playoffs. Naturally, Juice has thoughts on the Cowboys. All You Can Eat Sushi is not the best deal if you end up in the hospital.

Friday Jan 14, 2022

Pig hearts beating in human chests?  Elvis kicked off the Vegas Strip? THC Butter? Welcome to the brave new world!

Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Arby's has a new challenge that comes with its own milkshake. The little boy from Titanic is STILL getting paid. Dave isn't impressed by Barrel Full Of Monkeys.

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

They're bringing back Crystal Pepsi. Dave has a terrible idea about potential new old hobby. 

Tuesday Jan 04, 2022

We learn a lot about delivery room pranks, hamster alcohol tolerance and the latest gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Monday Dec 27, 2021

Wheel of Fortune has lost at least one viewer after a final puzzle is correctly guessed but not accepted. Christmas was full of drama. We may have found the next Mr. Jennifer Anniston.

Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

This Winter Solstice we've got what might be the all-time worst Christmas song and a story involving the worst boss of all time. 

Monday Dec 20, 2021

Midwesterners put pickles on their Christmas trees to honor an old German tradition that almost no one in Germany has ever heard of.


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