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2 days ago

Dave's excited to wager on this weekend's John Deere Classic. The Fourth of July is the most  dangerous day to be a cell phone. A haunted doll is giving people chest pains.

5 days ago

Darren has a dream to represent the USA in the next Olympics as a solo synchronized swimmer. A man who has never missed a day at his Burger King job got some pens and candy.

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Do you think I can't date your friend just because you're my sister? REALLY?!? That's ridiculous! 

Monday Jun 20, 2022

Nerf has a mascot. We're approaching a grim elephant anniversary. A 1976 "lost" episode of Sesame Street has been posted online.

Thursday Jun 16, 2022

We're trying to figure out which one of us is Bert and which one is Ernie. There's a trick to save money on concert tickets. A Canadian Beaver took down the internet.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

This episode features a Florida Man mistaking a 7-foot alligator for a dog, sexy talking garbage cans and the meanest elephant ever.

Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

Taco Bell has an interesting innovation and Darren wants kids to consider marking their summer break with a can of Pringles. 

Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

Mariah Carey is being sued over her Christmas song. A newlywed couple decides to starve their guests in order to pay for a visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Friday Jun 03, 2022

Elvis weddings in Vegas might be coming to an end. A man walks into a Pennsylvania Burger to discover it's completely empty.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

A father/son team of treasure hunters thinks the FBI is keeping gold from them. An Elvis impersonator is marrying a Priscilla Presley impersonator. 


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