Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things

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March 21, 2019  

Armando The Million Dollar Pigeon

On this episode we discuss all the new 2019 Easter candy. Sacrilegious + Delicious = Sacrilicious. Plus, Darren unveils the sequel to "What's Good Today? What's Fresh?"

March 19, 2019  

Hot Sauce Does It Again

Darren visits the doctor. Taco Bell hot sauce saves ANOTHER life. A visit to a cemetery ends horrifically.

March 15, 2019  

Dave & Darren Classics 13

Here's more of the Dave & Darren In The Morning show from a time it was transmitted over the wireless. Thanks again for your support!

March 14, 2019  

Air Freshener And Alligators

You asked for it! We re-visit one of our old segments, "Ask Darren"! Plus Darren calls for a moratorium on innovation.

March 12, 2019  

Kentucky Fried Hot Tub

KFC is crowdfunding a bucket hot tub. An Ohio man will be only drinking beer this Lent. Illinois is now home to the world’s oldest rabbit.

March 11, 2019  

Milk Coke Is It!

This episode features an unhinged school bus driver, a Christmas song strangler, milk coke and beer for dogs.

March 7, 2019  

Where Do You Think You’re Going With That Goose?

A billionaire died on the operating table during elective surgery. The Bears sign a new kicker. People leave weird stuff in their Ubers.

March 4, 2019  

The Pride And Joy Of Cambridge Illinois

Hello LEVITRA! We called our little buddy Amazing Larry to celebrate his birthday. Rah-GEE!

February 27, 2019  

Chickity China the Chinese Chicken

A shampoo bandit stalks the aisles of Buffalo's helpless pharmacies. Throwing coins into your jet's engine is not lucky. Your chicken might soon come with its own GPS. 

February 25, 2019  

I’d Like To Report Some Underage Drinking

We're not hating this AAF. A cop provided a romantic ride to jail for a Florida couple. A woman discovers she's literally sitting on a goldmine.